Friday, July 02, 2004

On a Pig which attempted to flee, if not fly

Love-starved pig sparks traffic chaos

A male pig who hadn't been castrated took off from the farm where he lives near Trondheim, apparently on the prowl for lady pigs. He was finally captured after nearly causing a few traffic accidents on a busy local highway.

"Many motorists drive much too fast here, and both a motorcycle and a bus had to swerve to avoid hitting the pig," one local witness told newspaper Adresseavisen.
The pig took off early Thursday and was later observed trotting along a two-lane road near Jonsvatnet. Local police refused to respond to the escaped pig alarm, but a local security firm, neighbors and his family from the farm came quickly to try to round him up.

"He's a young pig, not even a year old yet, and he hasn't been castrated," said farmer Bredo Furnes, who thinks the pig was out looking for a mate to relieve some sexual frustration.

It marked the third time the pig, named Grisa, had run away from the farm. "He'll try his luck with horses or whatever," said Furnes after Grisa's romantic fling failed.

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